Losing the light

Love it or hate it, daylight savings time ends on November 1st. I have already been struggling with shooting in low light situations as the year winds down. Since this is a part-time business for me I don’t have the flexibility to shoot during normal business hours as that is when I typically work my 9 to 5 job. Scheduling a shoot for after I get out of work at 5:30 wasn’t much of an issue when it stayed lighter longer. Now it’s going to start getting dark at 4:30pm for the next few months…

What to do?

Option #1
This does not effect interior shots as much as it does exterior shots. I can still schedule shoots for interior shots after I get out of work. I can simply alter the package I offer to my customers to only include interior shots. I would leave it up to the customer to obtain the exterior photographs. I would shoot the same amount of photos, just the package would include all interior shots.

Option #2
I could offer multiple trips to the same location to obtain both interior shots and exterior shots. Although I try to be flexible with my scheduling, I cannot guarantee I can conduct both sessions in the same day. I would also need to raise my pricing for this option since I would be making multiple trips to the same location.

Of course, shoots scheduled during the weekends would not be an issue since I can typically photograph a property during daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday.


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