Assessing the Competition

When I first came up with the idea for Photographing Real Estate, I did my homework and checked what the competition was like. I honestly didn’t see much out there dedicated to Real Estate Photography.  I realized that even though there might not have been dedicated Photographers out there for Real Estate, still though, Photographers were getting called to shoot agent listings none-the-less. So, I set up a quick website that focused on Real Estate Photography in Rochester, NY and calls quickly started coming in.

I continue to check if there are other Photographers out there who are now specializing in Real Estate and it does seem that the competition is growing. I have noticed at least 3 dedicated Real Estate Photographers that have started offering services within the past few months. I also continually ask the agents I shoot for if they are aware of other Photographers, or even if they have used other Photographers in the past.

I believe competition in this field to be a good thing. It gives agents and home owners choices and options when it comes to hiring a Photographer. It also gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate my services and my shooting style.

Below are some things which I believe help set me apart from the competition.

First and foremost, the images created must be of high quality. There is no excuse for out-of-focus images, or overly dark shadows, or other technical problems that may occur. The images I deliver to my customers are what I consider to be a higher standard than what any other Real Estate Photographer in the area can produce.  My images are bright and clean and the compositions are visually pleasing showing the property in the best way possible.

Not only do I treat my customers and clients with a professional attitude, but I also showcase my work in a professional manner. I am proud of the images I create and my website and social media accounts are kept up to date with fresh content and images from recent shoots. I deliver my images in a timely manner and I spend as much time necessary at each location to ensure I capture enough images to meet (or exceed) the price level that my customers have paid for and have come to expect.

I am constantly learning new techniques and staying up to date with the hardware and software I use on a regular basis. I determine at each shoot what the lighting conditions are and how best to capture each image. Once I start to process the images, I spend a lot of time making sure the images are straight, the color is accurate and any flaws the camera may have introduced or recorded are corrected.

Client feedback is very important to me. As much as I enjoy hearing how my images have helped sell homes, I’m also actively looking for ways to improve my services. I enjoy discussing the current trends in Real Estate as well as what others might be doing that I’m not. Drone and Video work is something I haven’t gotten into, but I have heard this from numerous clients and continue to research it.

I recently became a member of Real Estate Photographers of America and International (REPAI). This is a directory of Real Estate Photographers from all over the world. There are certain criteria that need to be met in order to join this organization and I am honored to be a member. I have also recently become a preferred photographer for a large, local Real Estate Agency shooting properties valued over $500k.

The competition is growing in Real Estate Photography in Rochester, NY. Just last week I found a Facebook page that was using the same name as mine “Rochester Real Estate Photography”. Since I own the DBA for that name, I asked the Photographer to change his page name (which he did, though it is still similar). I put a lot of hard work into creating this business and I’m just getting started. My goal is to continue to provide outstanding quality and service to my customers while at the same time constantly improving my technique and bringing new services into the fold. It is my hope that I stand out from the crowd and that my work is recognizable as being a leader in the local field.

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