Choosing the right Real Estate Photographer

I was recently interviewed by a potential homeowner/client looking to hire a professional photographer to take photos of her property. I spent a good deal of time answering questions and chatting about the techniques I use when I conduct a photo shoot. Much of this conversation wasn’t about pricing, but rather what sets me apart from other photographers that may not specialize in Real Estate.

When you look at the portfolio of work from a photographer you are looking to hire, make sure to note some of these things in their images. What may seem like minor details can often times set apart a professional from a beginner.

Verticals MUST be vertical.
I cannot stress this enough. Walls, doors, cupboards,  appliances, anything vertical must look vertical in the image. If you are seeing images where walls and doors are angled from the bottom to the top, find someone else to shoot your photographs.

Harsh Shadows.
Are there areas in the images where harsh shadows make it tough to see any detail? Is the photograph too dark in general? If so, consider finding another photographer.

Hot spots and bad lighting.
Some photographers are what are often times referred to as “run-and-gun” photographers. They come in with a large flash attached to their camera and blast light into each room while they take their photos. Then they are gone in 15 minutes. Be sure to look for any bright, over-exposed areas on ceilings and walls where a strong flash might have washed away some of the details. This is a tell-tale sign of an amateur photographer. The lighter highlight areas of an image should have just as much detail as the darker shadow parts.

What are the focal points of the images?
Many photographers will simply shoot interior shots from doorways. This is often times acceptable, but limits the view of the room and how it connects to another room or hallway. If you are having trouble visualizing how the rooms connect to eachother, or worse, you cannot tell what the focal point of the room is, consider another photographer.


Choosing the right photographer is essential to getting the types of images that will enhance a sale. If you are considering using a photographer who does not specialize in Real Estate work, don’t be afraid to ask them about how they handle some of these shooting scenarios.

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