Improved Quality and Workflow

Welcome to fall! 2016 has been a great year for Rochester Real Estate Photography. I’ve continued providing many of my returning customers with quality photography as well as having a number of new customers hire me to photograph their listings. I’ve learned a lot over the past year and made it a point to improve my … Continue reading Improved Quality and Workflow

Assessing the Competition

When I first came up with the idea for Photographing Real Estate, I did my homework and checked what the competition was like. I honestly didn’t see much out there dedicated to Real Estate Photography.  I realized that even though there might not have been dedicated Photographers out there for Real Estate, still though, Photographers were getting … Continue reading Assessing the Competition

Choosing the right Real Estate Photographer

I was recently interviewed by a potential homeowner/client looking to hire a professional photographer to take photos of her property. I spent a good deal of time answering questions and chatting about the techniques I use when I conduct a photo shoot. Much of this conversation wasn’t about pricing, but rather what sets me apart … Continue reading Choosing the right Real Estate Photographer

Tips for Real Estate Agents photographing homes themselves

If you are a Real Estate agent taking photographs of your listings yourself, here are some tips for taking better images to use for your marketing. NO DIRECT FLASH Don’t use your on camera flash to blast light into a room. At the very least, use a flash diffuser to scatter the light and make it … Continue reading Tips for Real Estate Agents photographing homes themselves