Improved Quality and Workflow

Welcome to fall! 2016 has been a great year for Rochester Real Estate Photography. I’ve continued providing many of my returning customers with quality photography as well as having a number of new customers hire me to photograph their listings. I’ve learned a lot over the past year and made it a point to improve my techniques in order to stand out from the competition.

Over the summer I invested in some coaching sessions offered by an established professional Architectural and Real Estate Photographer located in Canada. He has won several awards within the Real Estate Photography Community and I felt his way of teaching and his excellent image quality were a good fit for my learning style and where I wanted to take my photography and business.

Even though my clients were pleased with the images I produced, I was constantly comparing my image quality to others and felt I could make some improvements overall. Some of the biggest areas of improvement came from a better sense of composition, and some post-processing techniques to remove unwanted color casts and enhance the white balance. I’m happy to say that implementing a few new techniques into my shooting style and processing workflow, the images I now capture and deliver are cleaner and better composed.

Though this isn’t a terrible image by any means, there is a noticeable color cast and white balance problems. Note the blue color in the floor, chairs and cabinet doors.
Implementing new techniques I have been able to eliminate color casts and create a more accurate white balance.

When I look back at some of the first images I shot when I started Rochester Real Estate Photography and compare to them to the images I capture now… I notice a huge improvement. It’s not that those early images were bad, I just felt there was something more that could be done to make them better. Perhaps it’s more that I was looking for my own personal style. I wanted to be able to have my customers look at my images and know that they are from RREP, and that they stand out from what other photographers may be offering.

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