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Professional Real Estate Photography Services

Rochester Real Estate Photography is operated by a local photographer/graphic designer who for over 20 years has designed and developed marketing collateral for numerous companies both local and world-wide. As a professional part-time photographer, it has been my goal to make a living providing images and photographs to customers and clients.


Photo packages start at $125 per location for smaller properties such as studios, 1-2 bedroom apartments or townhomes and smaller airbnb spaces. Extra charges are added for longer photo shoots, photo packages with more than 30 images, larger homes, travel outside of Monroe County and any extra services that may be requested (including advanced editing, photo slideshows, video slideshows, etc).

What you Can Expect

Typically photo shoots last about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Most homes can be photographed in an hour or less. Larger homes will likely take longer. I will take the time to tour the home prior to shooting it. You do not need to be present during the shoot unless you want to be.

Once I am done capturing the images, I will then process them using the latest popular photo enhancing software and techniques. When I have the images finalized I will upload them to a dropbox account and send you the link. You will then be able to download them and use them for your listings.

Standard Services

Up to 30 High-Quality DSLR Images for Interiors and Exteriors
You will receive on average, one shot per room. Some rooms such as living rooms, family rooms, finished basements and kitchens benefit from shots taken from different angles. I will often times shoot from multiple perspectives to ensure I capture the property in the best way possible.

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
This type of photography involves taking multiple exposures of the same image and combining them to create one photograph that captures the total dynamic range of the scene. The results of this technique will add more detail into the shadow and highlight areas of the image.

Standard Photo Editing
Regardless of how I shoot the property, I will edit the photographs as if each image were to be printed and framed as a piece of artwork that I would hang on my own wall.

MLS Ready and Print Ready Images
I will deliver a set of images that will be optimized for uploading to the MLS system. I will also deliver a set of images that will be large enough to use on your printed marketing collateral.

Extra Services

Panoramic Photography
Multiple images are taken in such a way that when they are stitched together in special software they create a very wide photograph.

Elevated/Pole Photography
The camera is attached to a tele-scoping pole with a specialized adapter. The camera is then extended into the air to capture an image from a higher vantage point.

Twilight Photography
The Magic Hour or the Golden Hour is that beautiful time of day where the sky explodes with color. This makes for a beautiful photograph of the exterior of a house.

Digital Photo Enhancement
Typically I try and capture images true to how the property actually is. Sometimes mother nature just doesn't cooperate in which case I can replace a gray sky with a blue one or fix a patch of brown grass and make it green again. I can also edit and enhance interior shots as well, though it's best to make sure to maintain the integrity of the property. See bleow for more details.

Advanced Editing and Re-Shoots
Edits outside of the normal range of standard editing are considered "Advanced Edits". These edits include removal of objects in the images, sky replacement, cloning, color replacement, etc. Re-shooting a property due to staging discrepencies is also considered extra services and will incur additional charges.

Photo Slideshows
Photos from any Photo Package are used to create a photo slideshow with music and transitions. 2-5 minutes in length (duration depends on images used). Unbranded and uploaded to YouTube.

Samples of Our Work

Visit our portofolio page to see samples of our work. We strive to provide the highest quality images to our clients. We offer competitive rates and quick turn-around for most jobs.